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renters rights
Renters Rights – Tenant’s Remedies for Noncompliance Posted on February 2, 2018Does your tenant disagree to vacate the house? Are they breaching the rental agreement? While these are the most commonly asked questions, do you know the renters rights for a tenant? Do you know that you have rights when a landlord breach your privacy? A lot of tenants are not aware of their rights and this give property owners the freedom to exploit them. Tenants have rights when the landlord/agent cannot fulfill the lease obligations. […]

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property management agreement
Property Management Agreement – The Management Contract Posted on February 2, 2018The property management agreement is a dated agreement signed by both the manager and the owner (or the owner’s authorized representative) that defines the relationship between the parties, serves as a guide for the operation of the property, and provides a basis for the settlement of any future disputes. Property management agreements are as varied as the types of real property and the forms of real estate ownership. Specific circumstances aside, most management contracts share the […]

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airbnb management
Airbnb Property Management (Part 1) – How to Evaluate Airbnb as a Business Opportunity Posted on November 11, 2017Sharing unused living spaces is not a new idea and it’s remained a staple way to help make ends meet. The vacation rental business has matured over the years as well and can triple your rental profits especially with the availability of airbnb property management service. This is the exact thing you should do to triple your rental profits. Now you can advertise your accommodations so that you can connect with travelers faster, at a lower […]

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property maintenance services
Property Maintenance Services – Setting up a cost-efficient Maintenance Program Posted on October 10, 2017Property maintenance services can get costly. A program to reduce maintenance costs is not easily engineered, implemented, or maintained. It requires the cooperation of all persons involved in the management of the property–from the resident manager or superintendent to the maintenance crew.  There is a definite need for both long-range and short-range planning techniques to control rising property maintenance services costs. Emergency planning should be included in any maintenance plan, unanticipated emergencies are more costly […]

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property manager
Roles Of The Property Manager Posted on September 9, 2017A professional property manager works in one of two capacities: as employees of an owner of extensive properties or as independent managers for several owners. The latter is often referred to as third-party managers.   Property Management is sometimes like algebra. You sometimes look at ‘X’ and wonder ‘Y’. While the roles and responsibilities generally vary depending on the salary and terms of a management contract, some of the most common things a property manager […]

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Evicting a Tenant – Terminating the Tenancy without Court Posted on August 8, 2017Evicting Tenants – Required Notice When evicting tenants, notice of intent to vacate must be given within a certain period, which should be specified in the terms of most lease agreements. A letter from the manager outlining the procedures tenants should follow when terminating their tenancy can avoid many misunderstandings. Sometimes tenants are poorly informed as to the notice required and details they must follow when vacating their space. The letter should include a checklist […]

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